Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Boost Your Career on ODesk

Hi, please read this post.......When you are starting your career as a freelance contractor on oDesk, you will be excited.
Most of the freelance contractors will spend hours working on their profile and selecting correct entries for portfolio and other sections of your profile.
Spending time and working on these things is extremely important. Your online profile is your only representation to the client.
If you have worked on your profile highlighting everything accordingly, you will have better chances of winning more oDesk projects.
However, it is important that you know how to boost your career on oDesk. If you will know this, then you will have greater chance of shaping up your career the right way. You will not waste any time and will move to the material things straight away.
In order to boost your career on oDesk, you will need to follow the following important tips:
1. It is important that you see how your oDesk profile looks to the clients. This is extremely important and there is no point ignoring that. You may not know how to do this, but after reading my tip, you will know exactly what to do. What you need to do is to verify your credit card and post a project on oDesk.
Once you have posted a project on oDesk as a client, you will start receiving bids for that. Different freelancers will try to win the project. This is the time to see how things go on oDesk. You will be able to see how profiles of different contractors appear for the clients. Notice what catches your attention and what detracts you. Keep these things in mind while fine-tuning your own oDesk profile later on.
2. Next up is another important tip for freelance contractors on oDesk. This tip is about using the oDesk tests to boost your career on oDesk. You do not have to pay anything for appearing in these tests. Simply go to the tests page and start taking the oDesk tests. You will not have to worry about lost internet connection or anything because the tests can be resumed. However, you should pay full attention to the test as it will appear on your profile and will be the first thing that clients will look at.
3. Finally, the third tip to boost your oDesk career is to write your introduction. You profile has an introduction area on top of it. Generally, this is the first section of your profile that appears to the clients. The clients will prefer contractors will interesting introductory. Therefore, try to make it interesting.
When you are looking to make a promising career out of oDesk, you have to show commitment to your clients and to the promises made to those clients. With time, you will earn better feedback as the clients will continue praising your services and your commitment. This will pave the way for the future contracts and the clients. You will already have proven feedback to grab the high-earning jobs without having to first prove your skills and commitment to every new client.


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